Well, I thought about it, and I've decided using a community would indeed be easier on me. Should've done it from the get-go, but hey. Though I did try once with a friend... Don't remember what happened with that.

Anyway, I will no longer be updating this journal. I'll leave it open so older posts can still be viewed, but you will find all future posts plus some of the more recent posts from here over at xmooninthewater. Please take care to read the index and (re)introduction posts when you get over there~

Icons 027
100 x 100
[x] 28 Bleach
[x] 28 Durarara!!
[x] 25 Dogs: Bullets & Carnage
[x] 11 Avenged Sevenfold
[x] 04 Other (check tags)
Total: 96 icons


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Other Sizes
[x] 15 Bleach
[x] 03 Various Manga (check tags)
Total: 18 icons


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These are all icons that I made over the course of the year when I had little bursts of inspiration/motivation. Not very many for almost a whole year... The large icons are for use in forums and such that allow bigger-sized icons. Unfortunately, that Jimmy batch did not get finished, much like my last icon batch. I guess I was more affected than I thought, as around that time I developed a serious case of art-block. The ones I did manage to make are in this batch.

→ Please credit twelveskies.
→ Text may be added to textless icons.
→ Comments would be nice.

Fandom suggestions?

Personal 001
My oh my~

I haven't been on this account almost all year. I certainly wasn't expecting to come back to 3 pages worth of adds! I added everyone back (whether you're still interested or not; you can just remove me if you're not). I'm so sorry for taking so long to get around to it. I should have checked back more often. Maybe I don't give myself enough credit...

I developed a horrid case of art block at the beginning of the year and I'm only just now getting over it. I've been making icons here and there and started doing simple manga colorings and I have been having ideas for profile layouts. How soon I'll start doing those again I can't say for sure since I was still a noob when I stopped... But I'll at least have some icons up soon enough. I think I would have done better to start a community rather than making a separate journal for graphics like everyone else, but now I feel like it's a little late for that. Ah, well.

Thank you guys for liking my stuff and I hope you continue to do so~ I'll be trying my best to improve and put out more things to be enjoyed.


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